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5 Pantry Must-Haves + Recipes

5 Pantry Must-Haves + Recipes | Naturally Ella

More often than not, I sound like a broken record. It doesn’t matter if I’m chatting with a friend or doing an interview. If we are talking about food, I’m talking about my pantry. I love produce and going to the Farmers’ market every week but it wouldn’t be near as exciting if I wasn’t prepared to make dishes from that beautiful produce. This is where the pantry comes into play and there’s nothing better than a well-stocked pantry.

This post is two-fold. The first is to share about my top pantry essentials I think you should have on hand. The second is to invite you to my January Pantry Reset. I am SO excited for this little project I’ve been working on and I’m hoping it will really help kick the year off right. The goal is to help you feel comfortable with your pantry and pantry ingredients. That way, when you bring a big bag of produce home, you’re ready to start cooking. I’ll be sharing 31 days of videos with tips and recipes. Click over to the pantry reset page for all the details. Or, if you already know you want to join, you can sign-up for a once-weekly email that will have all the videos, tips, and recipes or follow along on Youtube!

Read more and see the pantry must-haves.

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