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25 Vegetarian Root Vegetable Recipes

25 Vegetarian Root Vegetable Recipes | Naturally Ella

I didn’t eat many root vegetables as a child. Sure, there was the occasional dip tray that had carrots but that was about as close to a root as I got. To be honest, I don’t really remember the grocery store stocking roots outside of beets and carrots. However, I’ve come a long way (and so has the grocery store) and now it’s my turn to inspire you to eat your roots. Grab those parsnips and don’t shy away from celeriac. Each root has a unique flavor and they all work well in cold weather comfort food.


Beets are not for everyone (hi mom) but I still share a solid amount of beet recipes. They are beautiful to grow, can be consumed from root through greens, and the different varieties help add a pop of color to recipes. I typically roast beets whole then cut into slices. Also, I rarely peel beets if I’m just cooking for my family.



Carrot Curry with Kale and Paneer | Naturally Ella

My broken-record phrase: carrots are my workhorse vegetable. They are easy to find, cheap, and can be used in a myriad of recipes. About the only way I don’t eat carrots is on pizza (but who knows, maybe I’ll change that soon!)



Grilled Celeriac with White Bean Puree | @naturallyella

The gnarliest looking vegetable of the bunch, celeriac’s slightly sweet flavor is perfect for soups and other hearty meals. I find the flavor to be a bit more mild than some of the other root vegetables making it perfect to be the star of the recipe.



Parsnip and Thyme Galette | @naturally (from The Easy Vegetarian Kitchen)

Good on their own or paired with other vegetables, parsnips are perfectly pleasant. I use them quite a bit in place of carrots and I love them roasted/tossed in salads. Look for smaller parsnips- the really large ones are a bit more hit/miss on the texture and flavor.



Bean Bake with Greens and Turnips | Naturally Ella

Turnips are always the vegetable that look beautiful at the market but most people just don’t know how to use them. Like beets, use the roots and the greens (the bean bake is a favorite of mine to use both at the same time!) I love turnips roasted but they also work well paired with other root vegetables.



Roasted Rutabaga Pasta with Lemon Cashew Sauce | @naturallyella

I find rutabagas’ flavor to be one of the more recognizable on this list. It’s a bit sweet but also on the bold site. It works well on it’s own, especially in hot, comfort dishes.



Sunchoke Latke with Poached Eggs | Naturally Ella

Newer to my cooking repertoire, sunchokes are a bit of a pain to work with but the flavor is worth it. The latkes are a winter favorite, especially for a lovely weekend breakfast.

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